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Dental Fillings

Mercury free fillings are what we will use on your teeth at our practice. The most advisable one is Resin – Composite fillings. They are more appealing due to their nature of easily blending with the natural coloring of teeth. Moreover, composites require less removal of teeth structure since they bond to the tooth. Therefore, they restore most of the original strength of the tooth. Amalgam fillings were used by dentists before and by weight it contains 50% mercury, joined with silver, copper and tin. The mercury can cause potential harmful effects to a human organism. Mercury vapor is released from Amalgam fillings through tooth brushing and chewing, leaking or through broken fillings. In general, significant levels of mercury exposure can permanently damage the brain and kidneys. Fetuses and children are especially sensitive to its harmful effects. Resin – Composite fillings are safe and also look natural.

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