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Invisalign is a new technology that literally provides an “invisible way” for straightening teeth. Due to lifestyle choices and other constraints, wearing traditional braces can become a hindrance. Invisalign uses custom molded, transparent & removable aligners to move teeth to desired positions; it functions just like traditional braces. Invisalign can be removed while eating and brushing. It is smooth and does not have metal wires or bands that cause irritation in the mouth while wearing them. The biggest highlight of Invisalign is that it is hardly noticeable; most people will not know that you’re wearing them. A computer-generated image of the patient’s teeth is created at each stage of treatment. Custom snap-on aligners are then created to apply pressure on specific teeth to move it into place. With invisalign, there is no need of tightening or adjustments, changes to one’s teeth occur by changing aligners within regular intervals to gradually move the teeth into a straighter position. The result is a beautiful smile without the hassles of traditional braces.

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